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Height: 5"9   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown |   Weight: 190 lbs


Axelrod Performing Arts Center   |   The Producers  |   Mr. Marks

Black Box of Asbury Park   |   Encounters   |   Mac

Brooklyn Heights Players   |   The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial  |   Lt. Barney Greenwald

Brooklyn Heights Players   |   Wait Until Dark  |   Harry Roat

Brooklyn Heights Players   |   Enter Laughing  |   Roger Feinstein

Sanford Meisner Theatre   |   I Slept With Judy Garland  |   Wally

Stepping Out Repertory   |   The Raft of the Medusa  |   Alan

Brooklyn Heights Players   |   A Few Good Men  |   Lt. Sam Weinberg

Brooklyn Heights Players   |   The Sunshine Boys  |   Ben

Brooklyn Heights Players   |   The Visit  |   Pedro

English Theatre, Hamburg, Germany    |   Barefoot in the Park  |   Paul

Hamburg Players, Hamburg, Germany   |  I’ll be Back Before Midnight  |   George


Perona Farms Theatre   |   Fiddler on the Roof  |   Perchik

Pittsburgh Jewish Community Center   |   The Education of Hyman Kaplan  |   Reuben Plonsky / Yissel Fishbein

Red Barn Theatre  |   The Subject was Roses  |   Timmy Cleary

Production Company  |   Towards Zero  |   Ted Lansing

Regional Theatre

Special Skills

Excellent Presentation skills (Extensive advertising background) Fitness Enthusiast, Strong cyclist and swimmer.

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Pylons Prod.   |   Mutr   |   TV Pharma Rep.

6 Toed Cat Prod.   |   Crash and Burn   |   Petey

Asner Productions   |   The Fifth Question   |   Talk Show Host

Modern Times Prod.   |   Autumn Dusk   |   Tony

Thomas Carter Prod.  |   Equal Justice  |   Asst. District Atty

George Romero Prod.  |   Dawn of the Dead  |   Zombie



Lion Television          |  Deadliest Decade      |   Jack Eggar

HBO Productions   |   Sex and the City   |   Naval Officer

Procter & Gamble   |   The Fifth Question   |   Delivery Man

Cosgrove-Meurer Prod   |   Unsolved Mysteries   |   Michael Rosenbloom

Listing upon request.


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